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JUICETRAININGVIDEODVDJUICE juice training video dvd Dewitt Jones

John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: JUICE NEW RELEASE

Join best-selling author Dewitt Jones in Juice, his new, short film that tells the story of his chance encounter with a five-year old boy and the life-long lesson gained from that experience. This beautiful and sincere program encourages viewers to find their passion, their joy —their juice— in all that they do.
Juice Reminds Us:
-Inspiration can come from anywhere, and often comes from the most  unexpected places.
-Determination and focus come with practice.
- Passion gives us the power to fulfill our dreams.

PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video $295

is good enough meeting opener training videos dvdsJUICE juice training video dvd Dewitt Jones

John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: IS "GOOD ENOUGH"? NEW RELEASE

An eye-opening opener for your next team meeting.

The concept of "good enough" is at the heart of all mediocrity. It can be a creeping influence in the workplace as well. Software programs are released with known defects, food products are shipped with acceptable amounts of "foreign matter", toys are manufactured with an eye on profit over safety.

Combining dynamic graphics, captivating music, and striking images, this motivational 3-minute meeting opener explores what would happen if 99.9% were the acceptable standard of excellence. At times entertaining, at times tragic, this thought provoking meeting opener challenges viewers to re-think their standards of quality, safety and excellence.

PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video $295


Aim: To enable people to organize and lead meetings that are more effective and more motivating for those who attend.

The video Meetings, Bloody Meetings is the best-selling video that defines the five disciplines that transform a gathering into a professionally run business meeting.

***Also available - MORE BLOODY MEETINGS (the sequel) and GOING TO A MEETING (3rd one)

PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video - $895 each RENT for one week- $350 each ......

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John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: : BASIC FACILITATION SKILLS- Improve Meetings!

Basic Facilitation is an engaging half-day workshop that teaches facilitators how to run dynamic, effective meetings. Filled with a wealth of invaluable information, the Basic Facilitation video and workbook share practical skills on the meeting process and secrets for increasing productivity and improving group interactions.

PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video $695 RENT for one week - $195

how to put a giraffe into a refridgerator dvd video training

John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: HOW DO YOU PUT A GIRAFE IN A REFRIDGERATOR

The video's four problem-solving steps encourage everyone to look at challenges from a new perspective:

-Consider simple answers before looking for complicated ones.
-Think about the consequences of your actions.
-Use all available information.
-Focus on the big picture, not just a small part of it.


includes: 10 minute VHS Tape with both Linear & Discussion Versions, Giraffe Bean Bag & Two Participant Pads

  • John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: JUMP ! - MEETING OPENER

    Consider the following words usually associated with workplace change: "Adapt." "Shift." "Reorganize." "Cancel." Do these inspire excitement or dread within your organization? Now, consider helping your staff view change as a cycle that can be both challenging and exhilarating.
    That's just what happens in this short meeting opener where participants see how:

    PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video - $295

  • John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: LESSONS FROM GEEESE - BEST SELLER !

    This proven approach to teamwork will help each and every team it is presented to. In the workshop design you get in "The Geese Experience", you'll take people through this process, look at team effectiveness and then share with your people the "Lessons from Geese" using the powerful Saatchi & Saatchi video.

    In addition to the Leader's Guide, you'll receive a PowerPoint presentation to support your training, a Team Effectiveness Questionnaire to use in your session and handouts you can reproduce for each person in your group.

    PURCHASE DVD $475.00 PURCHASE VHS Video $375 - RENT for one week - $175


    John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: LIFELINE SERIES - 3 PARTS

    What great ways to start a meeting! Or any day, for that matter! The LifeLine Series is a fun and positive approach to the workplace, addressing important issues of attitude, conflict and stress. This three-pack is a one-two-three punch at some of the most pervasive problems in the workplace today. 4 MINS EACH.

    PART 1 Activating Attitude! PART 2 Unlocking Conflict! PART 3 Stress Tacklers!

    PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video - $695 SET- RENT for one week - $495 OR $295 EACH .


    John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: LIFE'S LESSONS SERIES - 6 part series You determine how to present these unique programs.

    Full program with music and narration. , Music only (no narration) or Continuous play of the core material with music that will repeat as long as you need it. Great for video wallpaper to enhance meetings or conferences.

    Lessons 1: Leadership Lessons 2: Motivation Lessons 3: Change

    Lessons 4: Teamwork Lessons 5: Values & Ethics Lessons 6: Customer Service

    PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video $995 SET or $295 each segment

  • John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: PEACOCK IN A LAND OF PENGUINS - BEST SELLER !

    Meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse world is more important than ever. This animated, award-winning video is an insightful, inspiring and non-threatening way to illustrate employee empowerment, effective communication, team building skills and creativity within the context of diversity.

    When Perry the Peacock and his exotic feathered friends arrive in the homogenous Land of Penguins they have trouble fitting in, despite their talent and intelligence. However, when Perry and his friends save the island from an attacking pack of wolves, the penguins realize that in their ever-changing world, all birds would have to appreciate each other's skills and contributions.

    A Peacock in the Land of Penguins is for non-management employees who need to enhance their tolerance and understanding of others who are different from themselves and others, as well as for executives, managers and supervisors who are in a position to set the tone and establish policies and procedures.

    PURCHASE DVD $595 PURCHASE VHS Video $595 - RENT for one week - $225

  • John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: PEOPLE

    People is a visually engaging 4-minute launching point to any session you're conducting on these topics. It's a video that won't interfere with the skills you teach; it only reinforces what you've already developed.
    People was originally inspired 7 years ago by a mere three lines from a poem, and was more recently impassioned by observing the outpouring of global humanity after the unfortunate tragedies of our new century.

    People Training Package Includes: 4-minute session anchor video, Effective People Skills Book, 124 pages, Participant Handouts, 20 pages, Suggested Uses for facilitator & one sample training design &CD with handouts & training design

    PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video $375

  • priorities for life what matters most in life dvd<Short Preview
  • John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: PRIORITIES FOR LIFE SERIES - ALSO WHAT MATTERS MOST IN LIFE
  • Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D. Presents a breakthrough video series that provides an innovative and powerful way to begin or end meetings with renewed focus on what matters most in leadership and life!

    Programs 1 - 4 most popular option for $695.00

    Program One: LEADERSHIP
    Program Two: PRIORITIES
    Program Three: CHANGE
    Program Four: CAPACITY & ENERGY

    Program Five: EXCELLING - NEW !

    PURCHASE - DVD $295 each program PURCHASE VHS $295 each program or $695 set of four

    SPECIAL: $915 for Programs One - Five on single DVD; $1100 Programs One - Six single DVD

  • John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: SMILE - The singing bus driver video !

    Join Reggie on the #27 and watch as he transforms a dreary bus ride into an experience his customers look forward to. It’s a ride you'll never forget! SMILE! breaks new ground with its inside-out model. As Reggie says, “There are days I don't feel like smiling or putting up the smile sign, but I have to make a choice about where I want to be with my attitude.” Living inside-out is about making choices. Your people will learn how a positive attitude can be the primary factor in every customer service interaction— for the sake of the customer AND, most importantly, for their own quality of life.

    PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video $595 RENT for one week - $250

    10% government discount = $535.50 and 25% non-profit / educational discount = $446.25

  • spirit of the dolphin training video dvd
  • John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: SPIRIT OF THE DOLPHIN

    In "The Spirit of the Dolphin", the new meeting start from Training Point.Net, you and your viewers learn the keys to the dolphin spirit. You are encouraged to apply these in your life.

    The five elements to the spirit are:
    - Constantly learn and mentor
    - Champion the team
    - Make the most of diversity
    - Focus on the future
    - Seek joy in what you are doing

    PURCHASE DVD $475.00 PURCHASE VHS Video $375 - RENT for one week - $175

    John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: THE LEADER MEETING OPENER! All Quotes

    The Leader is a short compilation of quotes on leadership from some of our greatest thinkers and leader. As the quotes float by on the screen, they will help inspire, motivate and "warm up" your audience, making this video the perfect opening for your training session, speech or presentation.

    This video is also an ideal video to close your training session, speech or presentation. It will help you cement your message and make it a memorable one.

    PURCHASE - DVD $395 PURCHASE VHS Video $295 RENT for one week - $95

  • John Cleese Training Videos Dvd Training Video: THE STARTHROWER STORY

    Now, one of Joel Barker's most cherished stories, The Star Thrower, is available as a short film!

    Taken from his best-selling program, The Power of Vision, Joel Barker's version of the Loren Eiseley classic reminds us that we all have the ability to make a difference. As individuals, we can choose to take action and participate in the world around us. Together, we can shape the future. Six Minutes

    PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video - $395 each - RENT for one week - $200

  • This entertaining and enlightening video, Who Are "They" Anyway? and the accompanying Facilitator's Guide are designed to help you and your organization make the shift from looking for "them" to blame to realizing that there IS no "them" and beginning to accept personal accountability. The training designs, participant handouts, group's discussion questions, and individual exercises are all aimed at providing a powerful catalyst to help everyone in the organization understand that personal responsibility is a choice.

    PURCHASE DVD or VHS Video - $495 - RENT for one week - $295

    Includes: DVD or VHS, 40- page facilitator guide with two training designs, Who Are "They" Anyway book, and 27 card "Mem-Card" set


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